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fish collagen powder
Fish collagen (polypeptide) is mainly made through biological enzyme directed shearing technology. It is mainly type I collagen. The product is rich in 19 kinds of amino acids, and the molecular weight is between 2000-5000D in length.It has high digestion and absorption. This product has excellent thermal stability in aqueous solution with excellent affinity for human skin.
Product Name
Fish collagen
 White powder, odorless, easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is transparent.
cosmetics grade/food grade
Product features
high protein, no pigment, no pollution

¥ Moisturizing

Collagen contains a hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor keeping the skin moist and supple at all times.
Skin firmness
When collagen enters the dermal tissue, it can repair the broken and aging elastic fiber network, increase the tightness of the skin, generate skin tension, reduce pores, and make the skin tight and elastic!

Fish collage can provide raw materials for collagen's synthesis, obviously postponing skin senility and reducing wrinkles.

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