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Food Feed and Cosmetic Additives Vitamin E Acetate /Tocopheryl Acetate CAS 7695-91-2

Vitamin E Acetate

MF C31H52O3

MW 472.74

CAS 7695-91-2

Vitamin E Acetate /Tocopheryl Acetate Description

Chemical properties:
Tocopherol acetate is a light yellow viscous liquid with a relative density of 0.957, a freezing point of -27.5C, a boiling point of 200-250C, and a refractive index of 1.495-1.4972. Easily soluble in chloroform, ether, acetone and vegetable oil, soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water. It has good heat resistance and can be oxidized when exposed to light, and the color becomes darker.

Vitamin E Acetate /Tocopheryl Acetate Application

1.As an antioxidant in the body, it eliminates free radicals in the body and reduces the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human body. Used in skin care, hair care, etc.

2.Used as additives for medicines, nutrition and cosmetics.

3.When used in dietary health products, tocopherol acetate can protect cells and resist free radical damage. It also promotes muscle development while preventing the body from losing vitamin A and C. Adequate tocopherol also helps prevent anemia.

4.Tocopherols and tocopherol esters are often used in cosmetic skin care products because they have skin conditioning and antioxidant effects.Regular use of skin care products containing tocopherol acetate can reduce wrinkles and make the skin firmer.

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